Cloud Gaming is currently the hot topic for gamers worldwide, being able to play games without the need of a disk or downloading the data of a game. Cloud streaming services such as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Nvidia GeForce Now have never been more popular. What’s more, the latest games, which feature the likes of VR and AI technology, process an incredible amount of data.

Edge based Data centres are now helping to shape the future of gaming, and by using mission-critical local infrastructure, gaming professionals have limitless possibilities for developing new tech and reaching gamers around the world.

Reliable and redundant digital infrastructure is key to players. Even short periods of downtime can mean loss of player progress, loss of interest and the potential for a huge impact on a game’s player base, with low latency connectivity being key in delivering the best player experience.

Liverpool City Region Data Centres’ dedicated Dark Fibre ring that circles the region, offers low latency connectivity, making it the perfect choice for the gaming industry, accommodating for large streams of online gaming traffic with its agile, mission-critical facilities and connections that bridge both cloud and physical data centres that are close to the end users.

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