Multiple Data Centre Locations
Multiple Data Centre Locations
Colocate your infrastructure in any
of our Edge, Micro &
Core Data Centres.
Best in Class Connectivity
Best in Class Connectivity
Thanks to our national UK network
we bring highly resilient low latency
digital connectivity into our data centres
Multiple Connectivity Options
Multiple Connectivity Options
Choose from various digital connectivity
providers within each Data Centre for
true carrier neutral connections
Powered by Renewable Energy
Powered by Renewable Energy
We generate all of the power
that we use using our vast sites
of solar PV across the LCR region.
Free Cross-Connects
Free Cross-Connects
We offer free cross-connects between
your rack(s) & another customers with
12 cross-connects already pre-installed.
Innovative Cooling System
Innovative Cooling System
Our passive cooling method moves air
around our data halls & into offices and
neighboring properties to save energy.
frequently asked questions

Data centres like those in Liverpool quite often have long line of server racks strategically placed for cooling and good customer access.

What is the difference between Edge, Micro & Core Data Centres?
Edge & Micro Data centres are placed close to end users, i.e city or local villages and communities whereas Core Data Centres are placed out of major population areas (for reasons of scale) and normally close to other networks.
How does Remote Hands Work?
You don't have to physically come to site to have things done within your rack. You may need a server rebooted, a cable unplugged or moved to a new switch or you may wish to have equipment sent to the Data Centre to be installed within it, we can do all of these things and more for you if you require.

Every customer gets 15 mins free per month for this sort of work. We can also do project work (installing kit, moving kit around, cabling etc) of which we charge £85 per hour +VAT.

How is the energy that we'd use Renewable?
We generate our own renewable energy from the various power plants that we have around the region. You can read more about this on our main company website
Do I have to go with LCRDC for my connectivity ?
No, you can bring in your own transit, layer 2 or point to point connectivity if required. LCRDC won't always be the most cost effective transit provider available and we'd recommend customers shop around for the best deal.

The purpose of our neutral data centres are to provide space and not necessarily connectivity and although we'd like to do business on both, we appreciate that some customers may be competitors or have existing relationships with one and have their own network they wish to bring on site and we very much welcome this.

How long have Liverpool City Region Data Centres been in operation?
Liverpool City Region Data Centres is part of Baltic Broadband who have been providing data centre services since 2001 from when they build the first local data centre in Southport.

In 2023, due to significant demand in local data centre space, Baltic launched Liverpool City Region Data Centres Limited as a separate company to help create some focus around it's data centre operations.